Wedding by the River at Matilda Bay Reserve

Deciding a place to get married is kind of hectic and sentimental at the same time. It is not less than a nightmare to get married at the place that doesn’t even look like a wedding venue. If you are a couple, looking for a place that is extravagant and unique simultaneously, this whimsical wedding at Matilda Bay Reserve might give you some goals.

The Wedding

The best thing that we loved about their wedding was that it was customized. The couple decorated it with their precious moments from the couple years of a relationship that they had. The whole venue screamed about their love and beautiful relationship, that each and everyone was there to celebrate.


Wedding Venue

The venue was one of the main highlights of the wedding that we mentioned earlier. It had sentiments attached with the couple, so they decided to get married there. According to the couple, it was like a blank canvass that gave them the freedom to do what they love. The couple opted white table cloths and a starry light. The double-tiered cake was also embellished using white flowers and gold embellishments.


Wedding Accessories

Just like the venue, the couple looked extremely royal. The bride chose something elegant yet very comfy to wear while looking like a royal. She got a custom made backless, white gown that had the very same colored detailing spread all over. She kept it really simple yet elegant when it came to accessories.


We loved the idea that the couple and each and everyone invited to the party danced the whole night away. The couple executed it very well. It was a beautiful wedding.