25 Most Popular Wedding Invitations 2019

You and your loved one’s special day is going to be one that will be remembered for years to come. The first look at your wedding occasion for your guests is the invitation itself. Make your day stand out with one of these popular wedding invitations that will be sure to catch your guest’s attention.

The list below contains designs that vary in style so that every couple can find what speaks to them. Whether it’s a traditional or modern look or classic to casual, there is something for every unique couple. There are also styles that allow you to add a personal touch with photos, text or custom fonts and colors.

These designs are also simple for you to receive. You can download the image to your computer, have it printed a print shop, or even email your invites. Premium invitations can be ordered as well with the professional print that is delivered to you.

1. Geometric & Flowers

Geometric & flowers

This mix of geometric design and flowers marries traditional and modern. The flowers bring a classic look to the invitation while the geometric shape brings an updated appeal to the visuals.

2. Floral Swirls

Floral swirls

The floral imagery in the background allows the text to stand out while providing an elegant look to the invitation. This is due to the lighter colors that are applied to the flowers that provide an appealing, classic design.

3. Indigo Flowers

Indigo flowers

Another classic wedding invitation, the indigo flower design will add bold colors to your invite. The design is wrapped around the text, so your message remains clear.

4. Garden Glory

Garden glory

Blooming flowers straight from the garden decorate this invitation with the colors of spring. The mix of cursive and regular text play well with each other.

5. Glamor Lace

Glamor lace

A glamorous style is achieved with intricate lace design that runs through the top of the invite. The light splashes of white that run down the bottom provide additional detail to the invite in a more simplistic manner.

6. Our Wedding

Our wedding

Adding a photo of you and your significant other will add a personal touch to this modern invitation. Its minimal use of color is accented with a crest to add a bit of a traditional look.

7. Sprig Sprays

Sprig sprays

The sprigs encompass the outer area of the invite and catch your attention against the darker background color. It’s a classy design that delivers a bold first look at what’s to come on your special day.

8. Wedding Wreath

Wedding wreath

You can’t get any more traditional than a wedding wreath. The wreath is highlighted with colored flowers that provide a bit of a pop that still provides a clean, simple look.

9. Delicate Twirls

Delicate twirls

The surrounding twirls of color accent the invitation without being a distraction. The large font and text work well to complement the design. Whitespace between the twirls and text provide a balanced look.

10. Endless Love

Endless love

You and your loved one are the stars of this invitation. Show off your endless love with a photo of you two in the background with a rectangle border around the invite to add another element.

11. Muted Floral

Muted florals

Keep it traditional with a muted floral background to give the invite more depth while keeping it classy. The use of different font keeps the style looking balanced.

12. Climbing Roses

Climbing roses

Nothing says a wedding than roses and this invite illustrates the detail and beauty of the flower. The rest of the design stays simple and clean to allow the roses to be the highlight.

13. Climbing Roses 2

Climbing roses 2

Another design that uses roses with a light, a soft approach that hones in on tradition. The colors, roses, and text all appear to blend with each other to give this invite a natural look.

14. Botanical White Flowers

Botanical white flowers

The botanical and white flowers on the off-white background color provide a very natural looking invitation. It’s a great choice for those looking for a traditional card with a twist of modern that comes from the flower choice.

15. Magical Greenery

Magical greenery

Here’s an invitation for those who are looking for something a bit different. The green leafy imagery resembles feathers from a bird. A light pink background blends in with the greenery and may have you believing in magic.

16. Boho Bordo Flowers

Boho bordo flowers

Here you have a bouquet of roses that are perfect for winter, traditional wedding theme. It’s a simple invitation that dressed up with the roses, will still provide elegance.

17. Whimsical Wreath

Whimsical wreath

Get whimsical with this invite that features a wreath with soft colors that provide a pleasing look. It’s off-white background accents the overall design to be both classic and elegant.

18. Olive Leaves

Olive leaves

A natural look is achieved with the olive leaves and sprinkles of olives that are splashed through the invite. The golden square that encases you and your loved one’s initials provide a focal point to the overall message.

19. Flowers Crown

Flowers crown

Flower crowns decorate this invitation while adding an appealing splash of color to this traditional style. The matching coloring to you and your loved one’s name bring it all together.

20. Wind of Flowers

Wind of flowers

Bring together a classic wedding invitation with a personalized touch by adding a photo of you two. You can also choose a flower color palette that best suits your taste.

21. Modern Fluid

Modern fluid

Visualize sandy beaches with this modern invite that takes you to the coast. The colors blend together to give it a fluid look that is uniquely its own.

22. Sentimental Circle

Sentimental circle

A beautiful circle of flowers encompasses a message of union between two. This invite is tastefully done with a gorgeous gold lettering that works together to achieve a traditional design.

23. Boho Feathers

Boho feathers

Taking a very modern approach with boho style feathers as the featured visual, the invite has a natural, simple look. Perfect for couples who want to convey a message of the beauty of nature.

24. Tasteful Tapestry Frame

Tasteful tapestry

A traditional design that features a tapestry frame that keeps the message the focal point of the invite. The tapestry adds dimension, layers, and color that adds a pleasing aesthetic.

25. Green Wreath

Green wreath

Featuring a green wreath, this invite is simple, yet appealing to those who want a minimalistic design. Its clean look will highlight the message of your impending union.